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Audio Video Gallery
Audio-Visual Lab is established in the University to meet out the students’ need to support their study when they are not in face to face mode. To assist them in study, preparing assignment and other related issues Audio Visual Lab records, edits and makes available the lectures of eminent scholars, faculty members through its online channel on YouTube. The Lab manages the online YouTube channel i.e. UPRTOU online study and tries to reach and support distance learners.

Link to online channel:        Click Here

A young and energetic team with exposure and experience in the field is associated with the function of this Lab. They are
Prof. (Dr.) Girija Shankar Shukla (Incharge)
Mr. Sarvesh Kumar Tripathi (Editor- Consultant)
Mr. Vijay Kumar Yadav (Cameraman)
Map and Directions
Contact Details
U.P. Rajarshi Tandon Open University
Shantipuram Awas Yojna(Sector-F),
Phaphamau, Prayagraj - 211013, India