The RDC would help creating a research ecosystem for reliable, impactful, and sustained research output. The essential elements of such an ecosystem, viz., generation of knowledge and facilitation of research, innovation and technology development for industrial & societal benefits, are addressed by human resource (researcher & faculty), intellectual capital (knowledge & skills), governance (regulation & policies) and financial resources (funding & grants). The Functions of the cell are as follows:
  • To develop an efficient governance mechanism.
  • To facilitate planning, implementation, and monitoring of research activities in the University.
  • To formulate rules, regulations, and policy frameworks for utilization of facilities and resources at the University.
  • To facilitate networking and collaborative research with other national and international institutions working in inter-disciplinary, trans-disciplinary, and multi disciplinary research areas.
  • To create a blog or portal for Institutional Research Information and Institutional Repository and sign an MoU with UGC- INFLIBNET to access and upload the research information through Shodh Ganga, Shodh Gangotri, Shodh Sindhu, Shodh Shuddhi, and Shodh Chakra.
  • To ensure smooth conduct of the research activities in the University and help to build a resilient research ecosystem.
  • To encourage faculties to conceive ideas through enhanced industry-academia interactions and prepare research proposals for funding from various agencies.
  • To organize events like capacity- building programs (Research Methodology and Research Techniques) and specific research theme-based workshops and Research Internships.
  • To provide an avenue for community talent with prior learning/expertise to engage in research and innovation activities of the University.
  • To develop Research Clusters and/or Regional Research Consortia to bring all researchers, faculty, students, scholars, and Post-Doctoral Fellows for joint high value (interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary) research projects to avail national and international funding opportunities.
  • To develop a policy focusing on identifying specific intensives for research faculty and develop a unique Research Career ladder for strengthening the mission "Research".
  • To develop a hub for strategic partnerships/ collaborations, industry-institute interface, sponsored or contract research, new knowledge generation, IPR, and patent services, venture capital, trade/market portfolio, technology transfer, and commercialization of research to facilitate innovation, incubation, entrepreneurship and start-up ventures.
  • To facilitate resource mobilization and create a Corpus for research and development for sustenance and furtherance of research activities.
  • To develop and implemented a standard plagiarism check mechanism.
  • To monitor and oversee research progress, coordinate program, manage and facilitate optimizing resources, timely review of research activities for completion of the projects as per schedule.