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Library Membership
Every student of the University enrolled at S- 05 Study Centre can be Library member but student register at any study centre of the university can also access its resources within library premises.
For Getting library services student have to fill the Library Membership form.
Filled Library Membership form should be forwarded by the Admission In charge of S – 05 Study Centre and director/In charge of the concern school for the depositing the required library membership caution money.
The caution money should be deposited in the finance department. This caution money will be returned to the student after getting No Dues Certificate from library.
After the production of filled library membership form forwarded by director of the school along with caution money deposit receipt. The student will be included as member of the university library and will be able to use the library lending service.
Library caution money
For getting library membership the caution money will be deposited in university Finance Department as per details given below-
UG/PG students : Rs. 1500/-
Research scholars : Rs. 2000/-
Faculty member of the university : Nil
Officers of the university : Nil
Clerical and other staff of the university : Nil
Issuing Rules:
For getting library membership the caution money will be deposited in university Finance Department as per details given below-
UG/PG students : 2 books (Reader ticket)
Research scholars : 3 books (Reader ticket)
Faculty member of the university : 8 books at a time
Officers of the university : 5 books at a time
Clerical and other staff of the university : 3 books at a time
Circulation rules
Books are normally issued for a month.
Borrowers must satisfy themselves with the physical condition of the book before borrowing.
Those textbooks which have single copies shall not be issued.
Reference books, theses, dissertations and periodicals/bound journals are not issued at all. These are to be consulted within the library premises only.
Dissertations/Theses can’t be photocopied.
Library can recall any issued book even before the due date.
Penalties for books lost, damaged, mutilated or defaced by marking shall be fixed by the University Librarian. The University Librarian pending the discharge of the liabilities may suspend defaulters from the use of the Library.
Obtaining Clearance Certificate:
Obtaining clearance certificate with no dues is mandatory to all the bonafide members of the university library and shall be implemented at double level i.e. Schools/ divisions/ centers / units and university library levels.
The library books/ membership cards are the property of the library and are to be returned and dues, if any, be cleared/ paid and a clearance certificate be obtained from the university Library.
All formalities to obtain clearance certificate are to be completed by the member before taking the university examination or submitting the theses/ dissertations or terminating connection with the university as the case may be.
It will be mandatory for all Schools/Centres/Divisions/Units to seek the clearance certificate from students who have obtained library membership of the UPRTOU. No School/Division/Centre/Unit of the University shall issue a discharge certificate to any of its student who is a member of the library without obtaining a Library “No Dues Clearance Certificate” from the Library. Copy of clearance certificate shall be asked by examination department from the student before issuing them the Examination Card. The students will not be allowed to sit in Examination without No Dues Certificate from the Library.
Download Library Membership Form
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