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The School of Social Sciences is one of the schools of the University having well qualified faculty members, well equipped library, computers & Internet facility.
Name Post CUG No Email Id CV
Prof. Santosha Kumar Professor(History) 7525048032 View
Dr. Ananda Nand Tripathi Associate Professor(Political Science) 7525048133 View
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh Associate Professor(Geography) 7525048007 View
Dr. Trivikram Tiwari Assistant Director / Assistant Professor , School of Social Sciences 7525048008 View
Dr. Alka Verma Assistant Professor (C.)-( Social Work) 7525048036 View
Dr. Neeranjali Sinha Assistant Professor (C.)- (History) 7525048020
Dr. Shuchita Chaturvedi Assistant Professor (C.)- (Sociology) 7525048145
Dr. Shashibhushan Ram Tripathi 9452063609 View
Dr. Manas Anand Assistant Professor (C.)- (Geography) 9868579992 -- View
Dr. Shyam Dutt Dubey Assistant Professor (C.)- (Geography) 7525048041 View
Dr. Santosh Kumar Singh Assistant Professor (C.)- (History)
Shri. Rajesh Pathak 7525048104 View
Shri. Rajesh Singh 0
Smt. Kamna Yadav 0
Dr. Yogesh Kumar Yadav 0
Dr. Subas Chand Pal 0
Dr. Manoj Kumar 0
Dr. Sohinee Devi 0
Shri. Manish Kumar Singh 0
Yogesh Kumar Yadav 9455390995
Rajesh Singh 8787059719
Dr. Mahendra Narayan Singh 9415627798
Dr. Vandana Verma 9450416522
Dr. Surendra Narayan 9415892744
Prof. (Dr.) Samar Bahadur Singh 9415287586
Prof. Panna Lal Vishwakarma 6393299474
Dr. Arun Kumar Verma 9260915426
Dr. Gayatri Shukla 9452323674
Dr. Raj Nath Singh Yadav 9450321244